Alkaline Detox Retreat

Learn to live healthy
Learn to cook healty
Learn to de-stress
Learn to meditate
Learn how your body works

Stay for 1 or 2 weeks in Marbella and live on pH-Miracle Alkaline Protocol.

Next Retreats:
November, 2018
March, 2019

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Breakfast is the most important meal!

Here are some recipes that will enchange your day. Full of alkaline componts that give your life and energy. By the way, they are delicious!

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Optimal Health Through Alkaline Diet

The easiest way to improve your health is by starting your day with an alkaline smoothie or juice.

Enjoy the 130 delicious recipes and feel the vitality spreading in your body.

Learn the simple science of sustainable health that works!



Learn to Meditate  with the help of yogic transmission.
Experience the beauty of the heart.
Free real stuff for mental, spirituel and physical growth. >>>