Energy Food healed my body and re-connected me to a sustainable radiant healthy lifestyle!

Hi I’m


I’m the founder of Alkaline Institute.Back in 2010 I started to share my experiences in healthy eating and lifestyle.

I currently reside in Denmark where I work with:

  • Plant-Based cooking
  • Teaching people cooking plant based
  • Hosting lifestyle retreats
  • Writing cookbooks
  • Photographing my recipes
  • Teaching Reshape workout and Heartfulness Meditation


On this english site I hope to motivate you to self-care energy food and a healthy lifestyle – to reach your health goals faster than I did.

My Journey to here

I was originally trained as a contemporary dancer then a photographer and a fine artist.
My work as an artist and photographer actually lead me to choose a new lifestyle and a new carrier.

I developed extreme sensitivity to almost everything unnatural being exposed to chemicals from the darkroom and from my oil paintings.
After giving birth, I furthermore began to suffer from a constant migraine, bone and muscles problems, skin irritations, pre-state to diabetes, Weight problems, essential vitamin deficiency and a weak immune system and so much more. In order to maintain some strength in my body I decided to become a mind and body instructur and a personal trainer, so I could learn to get my body in shape. I started my company teaching Pilates, breathing exercises and yoga.

However, my body was not on top …

Still not realising the importance of real food!

I thought I lived healthy!

I was vegetarian for over twenty years, but I did not eat healthy at all!

Fortunately I learned about the food and lifestyle that changed my life!

The Alkaline Food and Lifestyle, was something I had never heard about. I was very lucky to be introduced to the Science of New Biology in 2012.

After a intensive 3 weeks Cleanse program I was transformed!

I followed the pH Miracle program for years and learned all about how to prepare the food weather it was for diagnosed patients or a wellness retreats.

Basically, I wake up each morning and pinch
myselves because every day feels like a dream.


How we prepare and how we eat matters as much as what we eat

Back to the roots.

I began to realise that the time I spent in the kitchen actually energized and gave me calmness.

I became more connected to real food and cooking alkaline (plant-based) gave me the optimal nutrition for my body.

Food are Energy and its light and vibration will enhance our healing processes and rejuvenate our physical, emotional & spiritual level.

Cooking real food into culinary magic became my passion.

To unwind your inner creative chef preparing and enjoying cooking for your loved ones, the very best nourishing food, is lifegiving.

Cooking healthy not only feeds the body, it also feeds the soul and it will put less stress on Mother Nature!