As a mother I always choose to take action and self-care,

laying a healthy foundation for my kids, for their future and concious choices

I love to inspire you, too

Hi, I am Simonne and I am happy to meet you here.

I’ve dedicated the last six years of my life in helping people get inspiration and motivation to self-care.

And I love it because I find it so inspiring to see how easy it actually is to move people. And it is only because it is simple, natural and cheap!

My goal is to teach you everything I’ve learned along the way to help you reach your goals faster than I did.

I have been vegetarian for over twenty years, but I did not eat healthy at all – like many vegetarians actually do not eat so healthy!
Cooking alkaline and plant-based you are truly getting the optimal nutrition for your body, and it is delicious.

The alkaline cooking became my passion. I realised I could help people through cooking alkaline food and hosting 3-day alkaline detox retreats.

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My Journey to here

I was originally trained as a contemporary dancer than a photographer and a fine artist.
The dancing had its time and became replaced by Pilates and a mind/body education.

My work as an artist and photographer actually lead me to choose a new lifestyle and a new carrier.
I now work with both Mind-Body programs and coaching in Alkaline Lifestyle.

In my previous works, I developed extreme sensitivity to almost everything unnatural being exposed to chemicals from the darkroom and from my oil paintings. After giving birth, I furthermore began to suffer from a constant migraine, bone and muscles problems, skin irritations and a weak immune system. In order to maintain some strength in my body, I got into teaching exercises. I started my own company teaching mind-body workout, breathing exercises and yoga.

Still not realising how important real food is to the health my situation was not on top…

For me, it was important to stick to one science that actually works!

A proved science that helps thousands of people to get balanced.

Fortunately, in 2005, my dear father introduced me to Scientist Dr Robert Young’s teachings and books and programme by other health gurus among them pioneers Ann Wigmore, Natural Health Institute. I also then got my first VITAMIX® (high-speed blender).

In 2011 I decided to study and live the New Biology® and Alkaline Lifestyle after trying many methods and diets.

I got very surprised how natural and simple it was to purify and rebalance my body. It also influenced my mood and made me gain a clearer mind. Combining my new lifestyle with my daily meditation was the best I could do for myself. Therefore, I designed simple and visual programs based on Dr R. Youngs New Biology® to share my knowledge with everyone in need of that.

Real food = Living Food = Healthy Life

My lovely blender began to be a part of my daily cooking. At that time I started developing recipes and using my photographic skills in order to document my smoothies, juices, soups and desserts.

My passion and mission were to share all this with you. Therefore the book of alkaline recipes and lifestyle became my big project…

Wherever I found myself, I always had my blender and my camera with me. Spending my time reading about alkaline living and experimenting with delicious, easy recipes.

Inspired by my dear boyfriend, baker and street food chef, his simple approach to cooking and never afraid of experimenting with what ever is available.

Together we develop recipes straight from the hearts, creatively and joyfully, and the result is always a new taste.

I began to realise that the time spent in the kitchen can actually energise and give calmness or ground me so to speak. It can be so satisfying and to unwind your inner creative chef preparing for your loved ones the very best nourishing food. Cooking not only feeds the body, it feeds the soul!

My goal is to make it simple, easy and realistic for you.

Yet teaching you about proved health programme, that works!

As an Alkaline coach and plant-based cook, I help you through my coaching services to take charge of your own health  – and making cooking easy, healthy, and delicious.

Integrating my photography and graphic design skills with high-energy foods,  I’ve self-published programmes, booklets and book for as well as online programme, materials for retreats and for the lovely Heartfulness Magazine.

Certified pH Alkaline Coach
Natural Gourmet Cook
Certified breathwork teacher
Certified Stott Pilates and mind/body Instructor
Certified Heartfulness Meditation instructor

I’ve dedicated the last six years of my life in helping people get inspiration and motivation to self-care.

Along the way, here is the experience I’ve picked up:

  • Worked directly with over 100 people.
  • Had clients that came out of medicine just by following my alkaline start-programme.
  • Holding alkaline cooking workshops and detox retreats.
  • Seeing people transformed to a healthy lifestyle
  • Launched my own book “How I Healed Myself with Alkaline Smoothies, Juices, Soups & Desserts” in Danish and English.

Simple Steps to Alkalize Your day

Plus Monthly Recipes