Energy Food healed my body and re-connected me to a sustainable radiant healthy lifestyle!

A high Alkaline diet completely transformed my life – physically, mentally, and spiritually!

I’m Simonne, and my passion is empowering people like you on your health journey, both through cooking and living mindfully, as well as exploring creative food projects.

At the age of 24, I made the decision to become a vegetarian, and later, at 46 years old in 2012, I embraced the Alkaline lifestyle and became an Alkaline cook after receiving proper training as a lifestyle coach.

My mission involves helping others seamlessly incorporate delicious plant-based cuisine into their lives.
Through hosting courses and retreats, I teach people how to cook, cleanse, and embrace and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Over time, I’ve compiled my knowledge and recipes into lifestyle books, combining my skills as a photographer to make the learning process attractive, easy, and delightful.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am also a devoted mother and a proud grandmother.

If you’re interested in learning more about me and my mission, I invite you to read my story below.

Basically, I wake up each morning and pinch
myselves because every day feels like a dream.


My Journey to Here

I spent six years living, studying, and working as an artist and photographer in NYC.

Back in Denmark, I started to meditate and travel to India to meet my Master:
After I gave birth to my child 2000, I startet too developed extreme sensitivity to unnatural substances, likely due to exposure to chemicals from the darkroom and my oil paintings.

I began experiencing constant migraines, bone and muscle problems, skin irritations, pre-diabetic symptoms, weight issues, essential vitamin deficiencies, and a weak immune system, among other health challenges. To build strength, I became a mind and body instructor and a personal trainer, offering Pilates, breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation through my company.

Despite my efforts, my health issues persisted, and I didn’t fully grasp the importance of nourishing food.

Luckily, I crossed paths with a scientist and pioneer who introduced me to the concept of The New Biology, Alkaline Food and Lifestyle—a revelation! In 2012, at 45 years old, I underwent an incredible cleanse program, eliminating toxins and acids that had accumulated in my body.

Within just three weeks of embracing high-energy, vibrant plant-based foods, my body and mind transformed! I became deeply passionate about this way of eating and living, discovering the incredible power of plants and our connection to Mother Nature’s abundant provisions.

I delved into various health programs, earning certifications as a plant-based chef and wellness coach. Fueled by my newfound knowledge, I felt called to coach others, empowering them to reclaim control of their health and tap into their inner wisdom through holistic practices.

This journey has been one of the most inspiring experiences of my life, connecting me to Mother Earth and the beauty of the foods she provides us with.

From a clean-eating mission, my path evolved into a whole-life mission to heal the world through recipes, creative cooking, and teamwork. I offer small group coaching and one-on-one sessions, inviting individuals to discover the power of plant-based living.

I’m living proof of the gifts Mother Earth has in store for us, and I’m dedicated to spreading the importance of a holistic lifestyle for sustainable health, harmony, and a better world.

Let’s connect to the richness and high vibration of food and together, let’s share the significance of living holistically for a healthier, more harmonious, and sustainable world. Reach out today for a free 20-minute chat session to see if we’re a perfect fit for each other.

The Joy of Cooking and Eating Healthy

I embrace my creative gifts, and my camera is the tool I wield to capture beauty.

Currently, I’m immersed in a new book project that aims to inspire you to reconnect with nature and effortlessly unleash your inner creative chef using natural foods!


Certificeret Plan Based Cook, Plant Lab Culinary, California – USA (2018)

Certificeret meditation trainer,
non-profit organisation Heartfulness Institute. (2017)

Certificeret pH Miracle Coach®, Alkaline Lifestyle Program and pH Cleanse program. (2012)

Certificeret, Stott Pilates and breathing instructor (2004)

Fine art photographer, NYC, 1995

I volunteering for the non-profit organisation Heartfulness Meditation as a meditation trainer for more than 25 years.
I provide nutrition and cooking guides for Heartfulness Institute and Heartfulness Magazine. >>>

When the Divinity at the center of every atom
in our food resonates with the Divinity within us,
food becomes a potent source of goodness.



It all About a Balanced Life – In Harmony with Nature