Energy Food healed my body and re-connected me to a sustainable radiant healthy lifestyle!

A high Alkaline diet changed my entire life, physicality, mindset, spirituality!

I’m Simonne, I help people like you to become empowered in your health journey, both with cooking and living and with creative food projects.

Since I was 24 I became a vegetarian, and an Alkaline cook from I was 46 years (2012) where I was trained as an Alkaline lifestyle coach.

Helping others integrate delicious plant based cuisine into their lives I hosts courses and retreats on how to cook, to Cleanse and live healthy.

I have written some recipes and lifestyles books and using my skills as a photographer to make the teaching attractive, easy and delicious.

I am a mother and a grandmother.

If you want to learn more about me and my mission, read my story below.

Basically, I wake up each morning and pinch
myselves because every day feels like a dream.


My Journey to here

I lived, studied and worked as an artist and photographer in NYC for 6 years.

Some years after I returned to Denmark, I developed extreme sensitivity to almost everything unnatural being exposed to chemicals from the darkroom and from my oil paintings. I started to meditate and travel to India to meet my Master.

After giving birth, I furthermore began to suffer from a constant migraine, bone and muscles problems, skin irritations, pre-state to diabetes, weight problems, essential vitamin deficiency and a weak immune system and so much more. In order to maintain some strength in my body I decided to become a mind and body instructur and a personal trainer, so I could learn to get my body in shape. I started my company teaching Pilates, breathing exercises, yoga and meditation.

However, my body was not on top, having really health issues …

Still not realising the importance of food that nourish the body!

Fortunately I met a scientist and pioneer that helped people to regain their healthy pH-balance. The Alkaline Food and Lifestyle, was something I had never heard about. I was very lucky to be introduced to the Science of New Biology in 2012.

I went on an incredible cleanse program and cleansed my body from toxins and acid that I had accumulated during my lifetime (at then I was 45 years old).

High-energy and vibrant rich plant-based food transformed my body and mind within 3 weeks!
I discovered the incredible power of plants and became passionated with this way of eating and living.

And what a freedom it was, to be in charge of my own health, and knowing that Mother Nature provide us with all you need to be healthy, strong and vitale.
I was taught very powerful knowledge that I had never heard about before.

It was one of the most inspiring education I have had in my life. 

It connected me to Mother Earth and to beautiful foods she provide us with!

Joining other health programs, and got a plant-based chef and wellness coach certificate I began helping individuals to understand the power of plants and awake their inner wisdom by working holistically.

I felt called to coach and have been blessed to empower people to reclaim control of their health so they can feel great inside and out. Iam just a living experience and find the gift from Mother Earth to be inspiring for us.
What started as a clean-eating mission has become a whole-life mission to heal the world, through recipes, creative cooking and teamworks! . I offer small group coaching, and 1-on-1 coaching. Reach out today for a free 20-minute chat session to see if we’re a right fit for each other.

Lets connect to a rich and high vibration food and spread the importance of living a holistic lifestyle for sustainable, health, harmony and a better world.

The joy of cooking and eating healthy 

I am working with my creative gifts and my tool is my camera.

Now Iam working on at new book, that will inspirer you to connect to nature, and make it so easy to be a creative a chef with the natural food!


Certificeret Plan Based Cook, Plant Lab Culinary, California – USA (2018)

Certificeret meditation trainer,
non-profit organisation Heartfulness Institute. (2017)

Certificeret pH Miracle Coach®, Alkaline Lifestyle Program and pH Cleanse program. (2012)

Certificeret, Stott Pilates and breathing instructor (2004)

Fine art photographer, NYC, 1995

I volunteering for the non-profit organisation Heartfulness Meditation as a meditation trainer for more than 25 years.
I provide nutrition and cooking guides for Heartfulness Institute and Heartfulness Magazine.