Buying good quality blender with 1000-watt or higher motor will motivate you more to make green smoothies, soups or sauces. The Vitamix, is one of the best. I used mine for 10 years and you can add everyting in the blender. It all comes out as very smooth.

Cheaper blender can do an OK job but as it comes to making smoothies or soups with tougher plants – kale or celery, for example – the consistent will be very tough.

As for juicer go for the Slowjuicer or cold-pressed juicer.

Juicing helps you get a large quantity of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in a single glass which is easy for your body to digest.

Juicing provides better absorption of nutrients from the vegetables. This is very essential because many people have problems with proper digestion as a result of their poor eating habits over the years. Juicing also allows your body to efficiently consume the amount of fruits and vegetables that is optimal for your body. To get you started on the healthy habit of juicing, you need to invest in a good, reliable and efficient juicer.

Recommended Blenders and Juicers

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