Breathe and
Reconnect to your inner self

One of the basic needs of our cells is the oxygen. It is an essential nutrient that we cannot live without even for a few minutes.

You get oxygen from breathing fresh air, oxygen-rich foods, green vegetables, from exercises and breathing exercises.

Walking to get fresh air, and other physical movements help oxidice our cells. Breathing-exercises and movements release oxygen to the cells and calm our nervous system, creating more energy. We exhale carbon dioxide and waste products through our lungs.

A well-balanced training practice gets the lymphatic system going, as well as the pulse. Respiration has a big effect on how you stabilize the pH of your body. By perspiring, we also eliminate waste products and acids, provided we have normal respiration.

In our modern lifestyle, many people have breathing problems like hyperventilation even without knowing it. Often the stress in our mind and body has a big influence on our breathing pattern.

Stress can have more of an impact on the body than any food or drink we consume. Because when we are under stress, the body produces cortisol. Repeated stress and on-going cortisol production can have a huge negative impact on the body. Stress affects the nervous system, in the process affecting our breathing pattern that in turn affects our body pH balance.

Our diaphragm is a very important organ for our lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is one of our DETOXIFIACTION channels. Deep breathing helps your lymphatic system work better and the diaphragm will massage your organs for a better digestion and flow.


Your inner massage

Sit comfortable with your spine erect and your shoulders relaxed or lie down on your back

Feel how your breathe

Where does it move in your body?

Can you do it slow, soft and relaxed?

Inhale through the nostrils slow and soft

Exhale through the nostrils very slow and relaxed. Let go of any tensions there might be. At the end of your exhalation, try to stay for a few seconds before your start a soft inhalation.

Continue taking several deep breaths in this way, keeping your body totally relaxed without inducing any strain. Keep the focus on your breathing for at least 8 breaths.

There are many stress-relief and breathing exercise services available. Find the techniques that suits you…

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What kind of method you need?
It all depends what your issue is.

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