From Dr. Robert Young, the well known bestseller author from the United States, with his Books such as the pH-Miracle for cancer or the pH-Miracle cure for Obesity and much more.

Dr. Robert O. Youngs New Biology States:

“There is only one sickness and one disease.
The over-acdification of the body
due to an inverted way of living, eathing and thinking.”
“There is only one treatment
Break the Cycle of Imbalance and
Alkalize and energize.”

New Biology

Dr. Young explains how our modern lifes are suffering from imbalance caused by our dietary choices. He also explains how easily we can restore health by eating the proper foods, getting the best nutrients, and maintaining the correct balance. Finding the right combination is what his program, The pH Miracle, is all about. If you would like to get the most benefit from his exhaustive research, as well as the works of early pioneers, I recommend reading Dr. Young’s book, The pH Miracle.