Alkaline Water

Hydration is vital for your health.
Our body roughly consists of 70% water. We lose about 3 liters of water daily by our bodily functions and this must be replaced.

We need proper hydration to maintain the balance of minerals and
nutrients required for our cell metabolism and the elimination of the waste products and acid to protect the cells from degeneration.

The water also acts as neurotransmitters, moving water from one nerve cell to another, all of which allows the human body to exist and function normally.
Living water in its natural form comes from streams and glaciers where over time it has been in motion and filled with kinetic energy, oxygen and natural minerals where the ions are active so this water is full of anti-oxidants.

Alkaline water balances the pH levels of the body
Alkaline water helps neutralising the acid in the body and wash away toxins and this will boost your immune system.
Alkaline ionized water delivers nutrients at the cellular level more
efficiently and makes it easier to drink more water.

The quality of the water we drink is important. You have to look at the
quality, content and structure.
You can use pH drops or purchase water machines or alkaline pitchers that change tap water to alkaline ionized water.

Uses & Benefits of Alkaline & Acidic Ionized Waters
In addition to the wonderful health benefits of drinking Chanson ionized alkaline water, ionized water has many other beneficial uses. Imagine being able to eliminate 50% of your household cleaning products, skin and hair care products, pet care products, dental care products, laundry detergents and more with the purchase of one machine! The ongoing savings of these products along with all the money saved on bottled water make the purchase of a Chanson water ionizer economical and eco-friendly.

Here are some of the many uses by Chanson

Chanson ionizer from USA

Chanson Ionizer from Europa