Cooking for Health

Cook and enjoy healthy living

Whether you need more energy, loose weight or more health it all starts in your kitchen with beautiful ingrediens from Mother Nature.

I will help you make changes to your nutrition-related behaviors. Simple strategies to improve your health, your cooking skills, your mindset and your ability to keep yourself motivated.

No diet or counting calories!

Together we tailored your unique program for healing and sustainable health.


“Healthy lifestyle simply
begins in the kitchen”


Free chat!

To book a 20 minute call you write to me.


I will write you a few emails, and if you still feel it is for you we then will connect on zoom for about 20 min.

It’s an informal chat to see if I or my team can help you, whether you need inspiration or have health issues.
I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Culinary session

The first 1:1 meeting we will create your Customised Cooking Program.

I will help you to understand the fundamentals of the Alkaline Cooking, so you know how to boost your pH-balance at any time with the must have nutrition daily.

From your kitchen you will cook and learn the basic healthy cooking techniques to make high vibration foods easier, healthier, and really delicious.

Just by cooking 3 hours a week you will gain kitchen skills and confidence and change your lifestyle!

You will make simple meals around the templates of essential ingredients – that are customised specific to you.

You will learn the anti-inflammatory foods, the Alkaline foods vs plant-based foods.

The key to micronutrient rich foods that assist in recovery the body.
The strategies for incorporating healthy foods in active, and moderen lifestyles.
The benefit of using food combination.
Implement the habits of cooking the very essentials (simpel) every day.
Practical steps to shift your energy and that of the food anytime
How to prepare food heart-fully to create optimal health
How to be free from recipes and cook with simple ingredients you can use every day.
How to enjoy cooking and leave stress away form your kitchen.
How to cook healthy on a budget.

Sessions with (Simonne)

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Alkaline Cleance Program

In the modern world, we live amongst a lot of toxins in the air, water, in food, food supply, and even in our homes. When you begin any cleansing or detox program to eliminate acid and toxins you’re carrying, it’s important to learn how to cleanse properly and to learn simple ways to get benefit from your cleansing.

At this program we focus on cooking and eating high vibration food. Food can change your life.
However, to get the elimination system activated you need a holistic lifestyle program and some supplement can help detox and rebalance your health through its redox signaling technology. The body already has natural detoxification mechanisms in place, primarily carried out by the liver, lungs and kidneys. These organs filter and eliminate waste products and toxins from the body. Due to overload of an acidic lifestyle the cells need help to enhances or improves the natural detoxification process.

With our network of health experts, you can get help to heal or prevent chronic condition.

Every person has it own way. We help you to find your way.
Alkaline program & sessions with ekspert team – after need).

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