The art of everyday home-cooking

Learn some few basic principles to make healthy cooking much easier and fun while you improve your health.

Activate a well of full, vibrant health.

Learn how to live a holistic lifestyle to sustainably Heal and align with nature.

Simple steps can change – your health, your cooking skills, your mindset and your ability to keep yourself motivated.

Whether you need more energy, loose weight or more health it all starts in your kitchen!

There are no quick fix programs but if you follow my program you will get some real good result – quickly!

No diet or counting calories!

Together we tailored your unique program for heling and sustainable health.

Healthy lifestyle simply
begins in the kitchen


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I will write you a few emails, and if you still feel it is for you we then will connect on zoom for about 20 min.

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The Holistic Plant Kitchen

Cook and strengthen, and sustain your healthy lifestyle!
The first 1:1 meeting we will create your Customised Strategy Cooking Program.

I will help you to understand the fundamentals of the Alkaline Cooking, so you know how to boost your pH-balance at any time with the must have nutrition daily.

From your kitchen you will cook and learn the basic healthy cooking techniques to make plant-based cooking easier, healthier, and really delicious.

Just by cooking form you kitchen 3 hours a week you will gain kitchen skills and confidence and change your lifestyle!

You will make simple meals around the templates of essential recipes – that are customised specific to you.

The understanding the nutrition, Raw food, fruit or vegetables! An anti-inflammatory foods, the Alkaline foods vs plant-based foods, and micronutrition foods.

The key to micronutrient rich foods that assist in recovery the body.
The strategies for incorporating healthy foods in active, and moderen lifestyles.
The benefit of using food combination
Implement the habits of cooking the very essentials every day
How to know what your body need for optimal nourishment
How to be free from recipes and cook with simple ingredients you can use every day
How to cook healthy on a budget

Sessions with (Simonne)

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I created the 14-Day Alkaline Cleanse to help you get to balance your pH and grieve with delicious food.

A healthy lifestyle and a cleanse is much more than the food we eat.

That’s why my program has a a HOLISTIC APPROACH TO CLEANSE.

The Holistic Cleanse Program is a 2 week online program to recharge your health and detox your body.

As we connect to body, mind and heart we will expand out wisdom and consciousness.

The 14 Day program is very easy and all is ready for you to join with delicious Alkalising recipes.

Free yourself from diets and old habits.
Just by very simple daily cooking methods, mindset shifts and mind-body exercises you will experience some great results and begin to change your lifestyle!

Learn to make smoothie loaded with ingredients designed to restore vitality.
Activate the cleansing function in your body  to eliminate toxin and acid.

Guide to reducing your toxic products in your life; cookware, ingrediens, in home, beauty, sun and skincare, food, water filters, laundry, supplements and more.

The uniq exercises for more strength, better digestion and balanced hormones.

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The Ultimative Alkaline Lifestyle Program

Regain a Healthy pH-balance with a Nutrition and Lifestyle Program without Hunger or Diets!

In this program we will help you to recover from health issues, boost your immune system to get permanent healthy habits.

How to energise and optimise your Health with the Alkaline Lifestyle protocol.

Not only food but also our lifestyle and external toxins is the critical factor in most of the major chronic health conditions we face today.

With our network of health experts, you can get help to heal or prevent chronic condition.

Every person has it own way. We help you to find your way.
Alkaline program & sessions with ekspert team – after need).

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After our meeting we will make your specific program.


We have all been there where we were sick and tired with serious illness.

Ida Kolander:
Cellular Health and Redox/Quantum Biology coach
With a focus on; natural law, mitochondrial health and cell signaling.
Expertise in auto immune issues including lupus.

Simonne Holm
Host retreats and lifestyle courses, teaching people to cook healthy or how to cleanse there body from toxins and acid.
Alkaline health and cleanse coach. Plantbased chef.
Mind/body and meditation mentor.

I also referred to a Natural Hormone Expert and doctors I work with.

You will meet the Mentors during our first free call.