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Welcome! I am so glad you have found Alkaline Institute. I have created this page for you as a starting place. It is to help you learn about our philosophy, our lifestyle, and cooking program.

I can’t wait to join you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.


What Alkaline Lifestyle is All About

I created Alkaline Institute to celebrate my love of raw and plant based food and recipes that related to Alkaline food. I am including healthy, plant-based, whole food transitional recipes (part cooked, part raw, vegan, sugar- and glutenfree) and cooked recipes.

In addition, I am excited to bring you information and articles on living a whole plant-based lifestyle.

Alkaline Institute is all about a healthy whole food, plant based lifestyle with a holistic approach. The focus is to balance our pH, so to prevent decease and fatigue.

It is actually really easy when you understand the science of New Biology.

I always come back to the motto:

Your health starts in your kitchen.

This Alkaline diet is the good for you, and for our planet. No matter where you are on your health journey, you can start here.

Whether it is adding one plant-based meal a week or becoming a full-on plant based cook, I am here to support you.

First learn about the foundation of and Alkaline Lifestyle.

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What is Alkaline diet really?

I have healed my body with the Alkaline Cleanse program and transformed my health completely, addressing issues like migraines, toxins, acidity, pre-diabetes, allergies, etc., in just 3 weeks. I was 47 years old at the time, and today at 60, I am still super healthy and strong and eat great plant based food and know how to maintain my pH balance with sudden food groups.

There are various approaches to the Alkaline diet.
The pioneer Dr. R. Young, pH Miracle by, which I also teach is based on the New Biology theory, that explains how you can to boost your pH by consuming alkaline-forming foods, such as plenty of green and fresh vegetables.
Many people consume too many acidic foods, even if they are vegan or plant-based. Alkaline signifies energy. An alkaline diet is about consuming foods with energy, frequency, and an abundance of minerals. This means providing ample nutrition to your blood, aiding in oxygen transport throughout the body, eliminating acids, and optimizing every cell and organ.
In today’s world, we need more minerals, oxygen, and fibers than ever. Just as the body has its own temperature, it also has its own pH system, including the immune system, digestive system, and hormonal system. Consuming alkaline-forming foods improves the pH balance, potentially preventing lifestyle diseases.
I’ve also authored a book titled “How to Balance Your pH.”
To clarify, we cannot manipulate our body’s systems, but we can support them through our diet and lifestyle choices. Stress is also highly acid-forming, a fact often misunderstood by many journalists we’re not talking about changing the pH directly; we’re supporting our body by consuming foods that boost the pH balance. You can measure this improvement over time by testing your urine and saliva. Our bodies are designed to be alkaline (we are born slightly Alkaline). Unfortunately, most people’s diets tend to be acidic. So an Alkaline boost works and can preventing inflammation if you get enough – try it your self:).
My approach to a Vibrant Healthy Life:
Breathe deeply several times a day
Eat as much green vegetables every day
Drink 2 litre og Alkaline (or at least clean) water
Move: dance, walk or workout
Meditate for inner growth
De-stress your body and mind
Be thankful